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Top ways to prevent identity-theft practices

· Technology
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Today identity theft becomes a common threat which has affected lots of people. Identity theft is one the fastest growing cybercrime which results in a huge loss. But the good thing is that you can prevent identity theft. You can follow some security measures which can help to protect your identity. No measure is foolproof but it can minimize the identity-theft practices.


Here are some common ways to prevent identity-theft practices:


  • Secure your records

Keep your files, information, flash drives securely.

If you are living in a rented place, hostel, or PG then always keep your credit card, financial documents locked.

Use shredder for managing your trash. Tear your old medical statements, forms, bills, and other bank statements with data shredder so nobody can get your information from those papers.

Never leave your credit or debit card receipts anywhere. People often left the bills on the bank, restaurants, or stores after purchasing. Never throw your ATM receipt on the public.


  • Secure your online information

Always use a strong password for your email and other online accounts. People often use the same password for various accounts as remembering various passwords is a bit difficult. You should not use the same password for two or more accounts because if one password gets cracked then the criminal can access your various accounts. You can easily handle your various passwords with a password manager. password manager stores your all passwords safely and can also help you in generating strong and unique passwords. You should change your password regularly for keeping hackers away from your account.


  • Don't share your personal information over SNS

Today everyone loves to kill time on the internet. Social network sites are wonderful for spending your free time. But sharing your personal information over SNS is dangerous because you don't the person sitting behind the screen. Avoid adding unknown people on your SNSs. If you are adding an unknown person then read his/her whole profile and it seems suspicious then ignores the request. People put their photo as the profile picture so their friends and other people can easily find them on social media which means your picture is visible to everyone. Your foe or any mischievous person can use your profile picture for creating your fake account.

Various social networking sites such as Facebook provide various features for preventing misuse of your profile picture. With profile picture guard; no unauthorized person can access your profile picture. A person can't even take a screenshot of your profile picture. Never share your personal information such as your phone number, home address and other details over the internet. You can use Setup with Product Key to preventing social media related threats. Antivirus provides various tools and features securing your online as well as offline data.


  • Carry only those things what you need

Don't carry your important documents every time with you. People often carry credit cards, debit cards, driving license, or password everywhere. If these documents get lost or stolen then you may have to face identity-theft or various other losses.


You should check your bank records regularly. Keeping an eye on your every documents and records can prevent identity-theft to an extent.