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Things you should do with a new laptop device

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Got a new laptop? Well, the laptop is one of the most popular and reliable gadgets today. Many people say that laptops are old fashioned and prefer tablets because laptops are less portable than laptops. Well, it's but laptops are powerful than tablets though they are not as powerful as desktops PCs you can perform various tasks on your laptops which can't be done on tablets. When you buy a laptop; there will be many pre-installed applications and settings. You should change the settings according to your working style and preferences before using it.

Update the OS

If you are buying a new laptop from the store; the laptop was lying in the store from months which means the installed OS and other application installed in the device get outdated. So, the first thing when you open your laptop is to install all new updates. Firstly, update your OS and then update all programs installed in your device. Don't forget to update your web browser. After completing the updating process; restart your device.

Remove Bloatware

Bloatware can be defined as preinstalled software programs in your laptop which don't have any kind of necessary job. But these programs can store lots of junk in your device and occupy your disk space. Check your all programs and remove those programs which don't have any kind of vital functionality. Many antivirus programs provide bloatware removal tool. shows you the list of installed programs; choose and remove all unnecessary programs.

Power Settings

We prefer laptops over desktop PCs due to portability which means good battery life. Few changes in your power settings can maximize your battery life. Reduce the brightness of the screen but make sure not to make it too dim else it will harm your eyes. You can use the power saver mode for saving more battery. Hibernate or sleep modes can also utilize your OS.

Install good security software

Every device needs security software; people believe that Mac devices don't need antivirus programs because they provide good safety from malware. But there are various other threats such as hacking, data theft, etc which can get you into a huge loss. If you want protection from all kinds of threats then Download McAfee with Product Key in your device; it can protect your laptop from malware, hackers, bloatware, ransomware, etc.

Check the heat management

Laptops are more prone to heat damage than desktop PCs because desktops usually have good ventilation. If we talk about tablets; they are usually dust-prone free. But laptops can accumulate dust particles and have poor ventilation. Heat can damage your device; it can decrease the hard disk life span and also harm the batteries. Excess heat can slow down the CPU performance because the fan will start running fast for cooling the system. You can use a cooling pad for maintaining the heat and make sure to place your laptop on a flat and hard surface which is not covering the fan.

You should set up cloud storage and sync for preventing any kind of data loss. Now you can install your favorite applications and games in your new laptop and work reliably.

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