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Is your private browsing on the Internet really private?

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People prefer private tab for net surfing. Private browsing keeps your browsing confidential on your device. But is your browsing fully private? Well, the answer is no! Let's understand what is private browsing. When you visit any website on the internet; your browser stores some data of your searches so you can easily revisit the website. The web browser caches your content such as your credentials, images, etc which speeds up your revisit. This is really handy when you visit that website often. But there are times when you don't want your browsing activities should be shown anywhere. At that time, browsing with a private window or we can say an incognito mode is a good option.

A private window does not store cache or any history which means if someone else is using the same device he can't see your footprints on the internet. But your searches are not fully private. The private or incognito mode of your web browser is not designed for masking or hiding your identity on the internet. It is basically created for working easily on shared computers. Say you are browsing the internet on cyber café and you don't want your browsing history or your password is shown to other people who are using the same PC. If you surf the internet on a private window your caches will not be stored on the browser.

But when you think about private browsing, you probably assume that nobody can see your browsing history. But sadly that's not true. Many people can see your browsing activities like your employer, the website which has visited, your ISP, and the government also! So, your privacy ends here.

Nowadays various web-browsers are offering private browsing such as:

  • Chrome provides Incognito Mode
  • Safari provides Private Window
  • Internet Explorer provides InPrivate Browsing Mode
  • Opera provides Private Browsing Mode
  • Firefox provides Private Browsing Mode

If we talk about search engines; DuckDuckGo does not keep any track of your browsing.

Private browsers keep your browsing activities hidden from the person using the same device. Most web browsers (not all) don't save cookies but the cookies which you used while net surfing can be tracked. One more misconception about private window is "private windows are safe" Well, no they are not. The private window may provide an extra layer of safety but you can't say it secure. Hackers and other criminal minds can track your activities. So, it's necessary to use McAfee Com Activate Total Protection antivirus on your device for keeping your activities secure from cybercriminals.

Now, the question is should you use a private window or not?

Yes, you should! If you are using a shared computer then your passwords, searches, and other activities will be hidden from other people who are using the same computer.

If you want to use multiple emails simultaneously then there will no issue of logging out one email and then logging-in another one.

Using incognito mode is the best and easy way of preventing unnecessary advertisements and pop-ups related to your browsing history.

Well, if you still confused about what to choose then the best way for keeping your browsing private and secure then you should use a private window along with McAfee Antivirus Activation Key. VPN can be an excellent tool for preventing hacking related activities.