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Make it tough for hackers to steal your data

· Technology,Antivirus
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In this digital era, everything is online. Now you can easily shop your favorite shoes from around the globe! You can watch your favorite series many times! You don't have to walk out for buying grocery. Just order online and get it delivered at home. The Internet has made our lives easy. But are you fully secure in this digital era? The simple and straight answer is no. With increasing technology, online threats are becoming more dangerous. But now, there is no way of going back. We are addicted to this lifestyle. Working with old technology and manner is not possible now. The best way to keep yourself safe is to build a protective wall against you and hacker. There is no foolproof technique which can fully secure your data. But if you work with few safety measures then you can minimize the danger to a great extent.

Check your connection

Most of the times, your foe always mask himself as your friend on the internet. You may have thousands of followers on Instagram but can rely on everyone? It may possible that you have added your enemy on social media who can now read your feeds and monitor you at every step. So, go to your friend list and remove all unknown names from your friend list. Consider making some real friends with whom you can spend your precious time without any kind of worry.

Change your password

Remember the last time you have to change your password? Few years right! Now, it's time to change your password. Change your all password one by one. Wait, you are not going to use same passwords for every account right? Using the same password means inviting an accident where you may lose your every important data at once. Use a meaningless password which should not be related to you; not even one percent. You can get help with a password manager. A password manager can provide you a secure space where you can keep your all passwords and important account details. You can also create strong and unique passwords with the help of a password manager.

Avoid using an unsecured network

Love public Wi-Fi, right? Public Wi-Fi feels like free cotton candy. Wherever you see it; you quickly turn off your internet data pack and start using Wi-Fi. This small mistake can get you into huge loss; hackers can enter into your device and steal your data. Avoid using public Wi-Fi as much as possible. But there are times when you have you use public Wi-Fi for accessing internet such as when you are using laptops. Use VPN for avoiding any kind of data breach. AVG Product Key VPN encrypts your data packets and sends them to the server in a secured terminal which prevents data breaching practices.

Install security software

Security software such as anti-malware provides a full package of various tools which can prevent hackers from stealing your data. AVG Product Key offers your distinguished features like malware detection and removal tool, VPN, password manager, parental control, spam-filter, junk cleaner, etc for providing extra layers of protection to your data.

Make sure to keep your OS and software programs always up to date. Use your sixth sense while accessing any new URL; if seems a bit suspicious then avoid it immediately and secure your data and device from any kind of risk.