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Security tips to prevent phishing threats

· Technology
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Today everyone needs to use technology with some security measures for avoiding any kind of threats. If you are a netizen then you have to take extra care because internet threat can be really dangerous. One of the most common and very dangerous internet threats is phishing. If you get into any kind of phishing attack then you may have to face real harm.

Here are a few guidelines for keeping yourself safe from phishing attacks:

Get updates about new phishing techniques

Hackers are like some crazy but intelligent developers. They develop new techniques for phishing techniques every day. If you keep yourself updated from all phishing threats then you may protect yourself before they cause huge loss. If you keep your device and yourself up to date from these kinds of threats then the chances of getting attacks are less.

Think carefully before you click

Tapping reliable sites or your familiar sites is totally fine. But if you are clicking any unfamiliar link then think before you open the site. Check the URL of the website. If it seems suspicious then don't open it; you may fall into phishing trap. When you receive any mail from an unknown person with a URL then never click on it. If you have received heavy attachment with email; it can be malware. Never download any attachment in your device from unknown email. Check the grammar of the email; the organization always reviews the emails before sending it. But in a phishing email, they usually don't care about grammar.

An email asking for a donation

It's hard to believe but many people fake natural calamity or diseases for donating. They send emails asking you for donation. The email id looks reliable; similar to any famous NGOs. You have seen various donation pop-ups on your browser screen; never make any kind of donation on those advertisements. If you want to donate then always go to the official website of the NGO.

Install anti-malware

Anti-malware can reduce the phishing attacks by providing good security to your device and network. Webroot Download provides features such as VPN, personal firewall, password manager, malware detection and removal tool, etc. These features make your network protected from all unauthorized access. Antivirus also protects you from other malware and internet-related threats.

Avoid using an unsecured network

Always use secure networks such as personal internet data or personal Wi-Fi. Never use public Wi-Fi for net surfing. Hackers prefer public Wi-Fi for phishing scams because public Wi-Fi is less secured and the hackers can easily access your data. Never use online banking in unsecured Wi-Fi. While traveling, you may have to face a situation where you have to use public Wi-Fi. At that condition, you should use a VPN. Activate Norton Product Key VPN encrypts the data packets and sends them with a secured channel.

Never fill unreliable forms. Make sure you are using an updated browser. You should always remove your traces on the internet by deleting the history, caches, and cookies. These security tips will help you for accessing the internet securely without falling into any kind of phishing attacks.