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Top Safety measures for online shopping

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Now you don't have to wait for the weekend to go on shopping. With online shopping, you can shop around the globe while sitting on the subway train on the way on your office. Now, you don't have waste your time and energy on shopping. You can get a good number of choices while shopping online. Is online shopping fully secure? Sadly, the answer is no. You can face various mischievous tricks or frauds in online shopping. While paying online, you enter your credit card details, phone number, address and other personal details which are very crucial. You can get into huge loss if this kind of data gets compromised. Cybercriminals use various tricks for stealing your crucial details. Hackers use phishing techniques, spyware, etc for stealing your data. If you want to keep your valuable data secure then you should follow a few preventive measures while shopping online.

Trust your sixth sense

Always believe in your guts, if the website looks pretty shady then do not shop from that website. Always check the URL of the website; shop only when the website is secure. For making sure that the website is secure; check the SSL (HTTPS and lock sign) of the website. You are maybe getting good deals on some websites but don't get excited and think wisely before buying.

Be careful on a mobile device

You can also use your Smartphone to shop online but mobile phones are less secure for making payments. Mobile phones are less prone to malware so most of the people don't use antivirus. But they forget that antivirus not only removes malware but also secures the network. Today most of the websites use shortened URLs because they are more phone-friendly. But with a shortened URL, it's difficult to tell whether the website is secured or not.

Never shop with public Wi-Fi

Using crucial data on public Wi-Fi is really dangerous. Hackers can easily enter in your network and steal your data, bank details, etc. Public Wi-Fi is usually unsecured and does not encrypt the data. Always use personal internet data pack for making any kind of online payment. But sometimes you may have to use public Wi-Fi for making payment; use VPN. Norton Com/Setup VPN creates a secure tunnel for sending the data to the server. It encrypts your data so nobody can read your data and can also mask your IP address.

Use 2FA

Two-Factor Authentication provides an extra layer of protection while making accessing any account or making payment. Even if a hacker gets your password; he can't make payment until he enters the OTP. You will receive this OTP on your phone number or email address. When you want to make any payment; you have to enter the password as well as the generated OTP for completing the payment.

Install antivirus

Install Norton Com/Setup antivirus on every device you are using for online shopping. Antivirus not only secures your data from malware but also provide safety to your network, password, and device.