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How to Resolve Brother Printer Not working with Mac

Incorrect settings or obsolete printer drivers can cause your Brother printer to lose connection to your Mac. If the Brother printer isn't connecting to the Mac, you may need to check your Mac's settings. It's easy to figure out why your Brother printer isn't connected to the Mac. If your Brother printer stops printing, you should have it fixed immediately. This will allow you to continue printing. This page will explain why my Brother printer is not working with Mac.

Steps to Resolve Brother Printer Not working to Mac

To resolve the Brother Printer connection issue with Mac, you may have to try several methods. Each method must be approached individually to solve the problem. You should make sure that you turn on your Brother printer so that users can fix the printing problem.

Step 1: Verify the Brother Printer is connected to Mac.

Your Brother printer may have lost connection because of the settings you set on your Mac. You will need to reconnect your Brother printer to your Mac using Settings. These are the steps to connect Brother Printer to Mac

• Go to the Apple menu on your Mac

• Now you have to find the "System Preferences" option and click on it.

• Click on your desired scanner and printer option and then click on it.

• Hold down the Control key on the keyboard.

• Click on the option to reset and locate your printer.

• Next, sign in and remove your printer from - 'Printers and scanners'.

• Next, click on the "+" sign to add your printer.

• You have to select your Brother printer from this list.

You will now be able to successfully add your Brother Printer Password in the Printing and Scanners section. You are now ready to print with your Brother printer.

Step 2: Verify the Brother Printer Drivers have been Install.

If none of the above solutions work, you may need to verify that you have the latest version of your printer drivers. Below are the steps to verify that your printer drivers are working as expected?

• Locate the Apple menu on your Mac to select the "System Preferences" option

• Find the "Print and Fax" icon and tap it in the Hardware section.

• You need to confirm that the Brother printer is included in the list.

• Finally, you need to find out if the printer drivers have been installed.

Note: If the latest printer driver is not available on your Mac, please contact the Brother Printer page to obtain the latest version.


Common problems with Brother Printers not connecting to Mac are due to outdated printer drivers and settings installed on your device. If you are facing this kind of problem, then you should follow these steps to connect your Brother printer to your Mac. You can also check whether the latest version is installed or not. It's very easy to fix a problem between your Brother Printer and Mac. Now you will be able to establish the connection between your Mac and Brother Printer by reading this post.