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Why Computer Geeks Do Not Purchase Norton AntiVirus Software​

Computer viruses may mess your system. So most of us recognize that we will need to own antivirus software. Many computer novices are going to take a trip down to PC World and purchase a branded product off the shelf, including Norton AntiVirus. However, I did a straw poll one of my geeky computer buddies about the product they needed in their home pc for security. Guess what?

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What exactly do they understand that the normal computer does not? This implies it requires a great deal of computing power to operate. Most users will see a drop off at the operation of the PC.

This likely will not concern you when you simply use your personal computer to form a few Word files. But if you would like to use it for gaming or surfing the world wide web, it is going to make a huge difference. Geeks do not buy Norton antivirus to safeguard their PC/Laptop because of it having certain inherent loopholes in it's functioning. If Norton antivirus is installed on your PC/Laptop it's start's to behave strangely in a slow manner. It takes a long time to satisfactorily scan your PC/Laptop for various virus infections as well as other threats. At last the support provided by the company is not upto the mark. The client support team does not respond to customer requests in timely fashion neither on mails nor on calls. Infact the toll free number norton phone number provided to the customers at the time of buying the product does not work most of the times. The company does not provide the best of the customer support as compared to the rival antivirus software around.

Another thing about moving out and purchasing a product from a PC store is that as soon as you've opened the seal, then the pc store is quite unlikely to take the item back for a refund unless it's faulty. But in case you download a product in the world wide web, they generally arrive with a 30-trial edition. This way it is possible to become accustomed to the port and determine if you want the item prior to paying for the entire edition.

You will find other comparable or even better products out there which just cost less. They include Internet businesses which don't need to cover costly packaging or advertising. They simply trust the potency of the goods to do the speaking for them.

If you're searching for an effective antivirus solution, it is well worth doing some research . Check out the testimonials from the PC magazines and separate organizations such as Virus Bulletin.