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Setup an email with Microsoft Outlook on Windows 7

Introduction & Requirements

In the following guide, I will explain to you how you can set up Microsoft Outlook to send and receive email from the ISP or web hosting accounts. These instructions apply to Microsoft Outlook 2003 and afterwards.

Please be aware that the measures may differ slightly based upon your email accounts.


For You to Be able to send and receive email out of the ISP or web hosting accounts, you'll want:

  1. A replica of Microsoft Outlook
  2. A Windows PC
  3. An email accounts on your ISP or hosting
  4. Your email settings

For item 4 above, you Want the following details:

  1. Mail server username and password
  2. Incoming email server
  3. Outgoing email server
  4. Outgoing email address interface

These details must be given by your ISP or web server once you signed up. If you can not locate those details, contact them to learn what they're.If you are setting up an email address from the hosting company, you could even locate your email address information in the webmail page. And For any kind of issues related Microsoft Outlook You can contact Microsoft Technical team at Microsoft Office Customer Service Number.

Steps to add a new email account in Microsoft Outlook

Launch Microsoft Outlook.

  1. From the program menu in the top of this screen, select Tools → Account Settings.

The Account Settings dialog box appears.

  1. Beneath the Mail tab, click on New

The Add New Mail Account dialog box appears.

  1. Fill out the details from the New Mail Account dialog box.

Take care to enter the information right -- particularly your own email password and address. Otherwise, your email won't function.

Pick the'Recover configure server configurations or other host types' checkbox. Click Next.

  1. Pick the correct email support

The Pick E-mail Service screen appears. Pick the'Internet Mail' and click on Next.

  1. Fill in the email settings from Measure 1

The essential information on this display is the information you gathered in Step 1. Fill in the details in the boxes provided.

  1. Installation advanced email server configurations

Click on the'More Settings' button. A new dialog window appears. Pick the'Outgoing Server' tab.

Pick the'My outgoing (SMTP) server requires authentication' checkbox. Make sure that the'Use same settings as my incoming mail server' option is chosen.

Then choose the Advanced tab.

Under the Advanced tab, type in the Outgoing server (SMTP) port number.

  1. Save and verify your email account settings

Click on OK to go back to the Add New Mail Account window. Click on the'Test Account Settings' button to guarantee the settings you have entered are right.

If you find the window, congratulations! You have successfully set up an email account in Microsoft Outlook.

Need assistance? Post your query in the comments below and I will try my very best to answer them!