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Top 10 Alternatives for Microsoft Antivirus

Microsoft announced that they will stop their solutions for Windows XP that's 12 years old. They declared the retirement program of Windows XP and maintained they will no longer offer security upgrades and any sort of additional assistance for this working system. On the other hand, the safety software providers chose to not stop supporting Windows XP following this date and they'll continue making safety programs to safeguard Windows XP even following this deadline.

After Microsoft announced the date of retirement of Windows XP, a 12 years old window also claimed they won't be supplying security to Windows XP anymore, means that the system that has been controlled on Windows XP will likely be under online attacks all of the time then the folks for that switching to windows 8 or 7 has been from issue got worried and began searching out for alternative answers. This guide is all about to provide advice to such individuals what applications will still be providing safety assistance to Windows XP and the way they could secure their systems together.

The very best news for the particular retirement of Windows XP is that safety makers have opted to keep on providing updates for their applications for so long as they need. Some businesses have promised to maintain Windows XP procured with their safety soft products for two decades. In the conclusion of this guide, you may see 10 options for Windows XP with which you may safeguard your operating system out of online attacks of viruses. Nonetheless, there are only a few recommendations to secure your system.

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Utilize Alternative Programs into Microsoft Antivirus for Windows XP

To be able to maintain your system procured from malware or virus attacks, you need to be mindful about your applications that's supplied by Windows XP operating system. Do your best not to use Internet Explorer because it is a product of Windows XP and because Microsoft has decided to stop sending security upgrades to Windows XP so there is high likelihood your system could be in danger if you continue using Internet Explorer. That means that you are able to change to other alternative internet browsers like google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, which will offer the very best safety if they're current.

Another information about the machine security would be to modify your email application from Outlook Express to another. Outlook Express can also be part of Windows XP and it are also no more getting security updates so that you ought to come across some new option associated with email program. The most well-known email program nowadays is called Thunderbird that will continue receiving security updates for Windows XP for some time to come.

10 Alternative Security Programs

So far as switching to other programs was worried, it's also important to maintain your security suites current. Though antivirus programs can not have a place of security upgrades for Windows XP but nevertheless they may continue to keep your system powerful enough to withstand any malware assault.

Listed below are 10 Microsoft choice antiviruses which will keep on providing security updates for Windows XP.

Qihoo 360


Bit 9

Malware Bytes


Kaspersky Lab


Bit shield

Symantec Norton 360

K9 Web Protection

Now, we'll explain every choice one by one so as to make you know which one is appropriate to your system.

1- Qihoo 360

Qihoo 360 is the best security program for internet actions on internet. Users of the software are delighted with it since it keeps your system protected from online attacks of viruses. Both greatest security products of Qihoo 360 are 360 Safe Guard and 360 Anti-Virus. 360 Safe Guard protects your system from malwares while surfing and it's the optimal solution for online security as well as the optimisation of system. 360 Anti-Virus is software that protects your pc from viruses by scanning several motors.

2- AVG

AVG is a really excellent antivirus that keeps your system protected from any type of malware. It blocks viruses, spyware and some other malware. Additionally, it gives protection of hyperlinks since it scans net, Facebook or even Twitter or some other social media site from wherever the odds of viruses are extremely significant. It may also shred the documents to avoid snooping. It's a built-in online defense that gives you protection for damaging downloads from web. It keeps your data safe in the event of any malware assault. So far as spams are involved, it prevents them from being powerful and consequently keeping your system clean from spams. It's a powerful firewall that makes sure no one can hack your pc and significant things like passwords or even credit card numbers.

3- Bit9

Bit9 is also a fantastic program that keeps your system protected from malware. It may be used also for added compensating security applications for the body. Bit9 blocks the malwares and junk mails and retains the system limited to just trusted soft commodities. It retains your server procured and gives you the ideal protection from malwares regardless of what.

4- Malware Bytes

Malware Bytes is a anti-malware which safeguards your system from online threats that your system may have. Individuals in countless are utilizing Malware bytes for net protection and it sure is a fantastic software to maintain your system protected from internet threats.

5- Avast

Avast antivirus is also a fantastic security program on which you may relyon. More than 300 million people in the world rely upon Avast since it provides your system with greatest security for example online security and whatever you want. In any case, no ending of service from Avast programmers has been declared so much in order that they will continue providing security updates for next two decades. Also they will be providing support assistance through toll free avast phone number.

6- Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky laboratory will keep on proving service until 2018 for customers and till 2016 for the company solutions. That means you're able to put in this program on your computer and maintain yourself fulfilled associated with online security.

7- McAfee

McAfee hasn't declared their date to the conclusion of service in order that they may keep on providing security updates for a minimum of two decades. So nothing to be concerned about when the Microsoft has ceased sending security upgrades for Windows XP. McAfee is the ideal program that blocks all of the malwares from entering your own system and keeps your information secure.

8- Bit defender

Bit defender will keep on guarding your system for a minimum of two years since it also hasn't declared their date for ending of service. It may help keep your system safe and sound by simply obstructing any wanting thing which would attempt to get your system.

9- Symantec Norton

Symantec Norton antivirus is also the very best security software it is possible to keep on your system. No conclusion of assistance from them was declared up to now. But as when they provide assistance it would be either through mail support services or through toll free Norton phone number over phone. The customer support assistance provided by Symantec for it's other product & services is robust. Threat explorer, dangers detection and spam management are the main features which keeps away the malware from the system.

10- K9 Web Protection

K9 net protection is an online filter that protects the children from any undesirable material on net. It keeps your system protected from any sort of danger. It blocks the Under 18 sites and together with this, control research on all significant search engines. So it's the ideal web filter you can possess. They'll keep on providing security updates for a minimum of two decades.

So there's always a way when all of the doors are shut so that you may make use of these choices to keep your systems safe from malware attacks and some other sorts of danger.