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AVG Free Edition and Avast! Home Edition

Antivirus Review

Virus infection is the most bothersome issue on a PC. If you're fortunate, computer virus infection won't lead to considerable impact on your system. Regrettably, most of computer virus causes various serious issues to your own computer system in an instantaneous moment. For this reason, you ought to have antivirus software to stop any severe difficulty in the machine of your PC. To assist you to find complete protection for your pc, this review on favorite free antivirus applications may be helpful for you.

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AVG Free Edition

This can be just one the favorite free antivirus applications among many users. This antivirus is very simple to install and won't slow down your computer. This program is offered at no cost to any computer users.

AVG Free Edition provides its users several practical attributes, for example:

  • Automatic upgrade. It's possible to upgrade the database of your AVG Free Edition automatically whenever you're on the web. But, you might also update it manually by downloading the upgraded database and then transfer it to any personal computer that doesn't have net connection
  • AVG Resident Shield. This feature Permits You to get protection following the documents are opened or the apps are conducted
  • AVG Email Scanner to Secure your email
  • AVG Virus Vault to Enable you quarantine the infected documents
  • Free virus database upgrade
  • AVG On-Demand Scanner to do or plan manual evaluation

The most useful things you may gain from using this free antivirus applications are its simple operation and its own light-weight to your pc. Anyway, the scheduler is very satisfying although it's fewer functions. In case of any discrepancy in the working of AVG antivirus software user's can contact avg antivirus phone number to get help.

Avast! Home Edition

This is another sort of free antivirus software among many users. This popular software matches for non-technical home user using its capacity to scan viruses and Malware for example Worms and Trojan. The visual appeal of the anti-virus will remind one of media player and it's one of the allure of Avast! Home Edition.

In addition to the prior antivirus, Avast! Home Edition also provides some practicality because of its own users. They are:

  • Straightforward scanning operation. You can have Straightforward User Interface-Memory test through the start from this app. Anyway, you'll have easy action to deal with the infected documents.
  • Conventional resident security using its own Generic SMTP/POP3/IMAP4 scanner.
  • Network Shield. This feature will help you to scan and analyze all of the network traffic along with the malicious contents which may be existed in some specific document or application.
  • Easy upgrade. You may select manual upgrade if your computer isn't connected to net, or use automatic upgrade when you've got the link.
  • Great customer support services through e-mail & through toll free avast customer service number over phone. The client support is available round the clock with a well qualified customer support team.
  • Method Integration. It's possible to incorporate this anti virus by providing right-click at the menu of Windows Explorer. Anyway, it's also done with the characteristic of specific screen saver to automatically scan the entire system while your computer isn't being used.
  • Virus Chest. It gives you a particular place on your hard disk with particular security to isolate the infected documents. However, it's still possible to work with the document within this storage with a few constraints to make sure the security.

This program takes more time to scan and can be somewhat heavier than AVG Free Edition. But this anti-virus still provides you easy scanning. You may pick one of these according to your needs. The major important thing in utilizing free anti-virus applications is upgrading your antivirus frequently. For this reason, you'll receive complete protection for your PC.