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Simple Methods to Fix McAfee Safe Search Not Working Issue

McAfee antivirus is a famous security program for keeping devices and data secure. This antivirus program detects and removes all the malware from your device. Once you install McAfee on your device then you can use your device freely without any concerns. McAfee safe search is a special feature of McAfee antivirus which makes your browsing secure. When you search for anything on the internet; this feature checks all the result pages and tells the user which pages are safe to access. If your McAfee safe search is not working then you should fix the error immediately before your device gets into any malware attack.

Reinstall McAfee Safe Search 

  • If you are getting this error due to missing program files then you should reinstall McAfee Safe Search on your device. Here are the steps for installing McAfee Safe Search:
  • Go to McAfee website
  • Search for McAfee safe search
  • Click on Download button
  • The setup will start downloading on your device
  • Go to the downloads
  • Run the setup file for installation
  • Restart your device
  • Go to the browser and enable safe search

If you are still facing issues while running McAfee Safe Search then seek other solutions.

Undo the recent changes

McAfee safe search error can appear when you have made an inappropriate change on your device. If you are getting the error after making changes on the device then try undoing the changes. Go to the settings and undo all the changes. If you don’t remember the changes you have made on your device then use the Windows Restore Tool. Search for System Restore and hit the Enter button. You may have to enter the admin credentials. Now follow the on-screen commands and choose the restore point. It will restore all the changes you have made. Now restart your device and check whether your McAfee safe search starts working or not.


Restore your Windows files

Antivirus related errors can also appear when the Windows files get corrupted. Finding the corrupt file and restoring it manually is not simple. You can use the Windows File Checker tool for restoring Windows corrupted files. Follow the mentioned steps to run the File Checker tool:

  • Go to the Start menu
  • Type command on the search bar
  • Hold ctrl and shift keys
  • Hit the Enter button
  • Permission window will appear
  • Click on Yes option
  • Black box with a blinking cursor will appear
  • Type sfc/scannow on the command screen
  • Press the Enter button

Windows file checker will start scanning the Windows file. Follow the on-screen commands for restoring a corrupted Windows file. Now restart your device and check whether the safe search error gets fixed or not.


Remove system junk

System junk like temporary files, browser caches etc can get you into McAfee scan not responding or safe search like errors. You should remove the system junk regularly to prevent runtime errors. Delete all the temporary files from your device and clean all the browser junk. Use the Clean manager tool for removing all the junk files from the system.


  • Close the browser
  • Go to search bar and type command
  • Hold the ctrl and shift keys
  • Press the Enter button
  • Choose Yes on the permission prompt
  • The command screen will appear
  • Type cleanmgr on the command screen
  • Hit the Enter button

Windows Clean Manager tool will scan your device and list down all the items you can delete. Check the list and choose all the files you want to delete. Click the OK button and all the files will get removed from your device. After removing all the junk from your device, restart your device. If you are still unable to fix the McAfee safe search error then ask for technical help.