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Bootstrapper has stopped working - Office installation error

The boot loader has stopped working error occurs in an unauthorized Office 2013 license or a backup of an Office 365 subscription. The Microsoft office app will sync with the host to discover its product details and get accredited during the installation of the Office app. This can reveal that Bootstrapper has stopped working in case a copy of the item was not found.

After resolving the case, the troubleshooting measures stopped working error.

broken image

Measure 1 - Bootstrapper has stopped working with Office Setup
Registry repaired
We will need to repair the registry key as the item details are synced to the registry when installing Microsoft Office.

Follow the instructions to repair the registry (adherence to measures is recommended along with the existence of a certified technician)

Open the waveform control window
Sort regedit.exe and click on input
Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE> SOFTWARE> Microsoft> Windows NT> CurrentVersion> AppCompatFlags
Restoring the registry

Back up your important ones
Delete key after backup (do not delete before backup)
Try to install a Microsoft Office application

Measure 2.
Assess the structure of the goods.
We encourage you to check the application you are currently working on to install the structure along with the structure supported by a personal computer. 32-bit product can be installed by us in 64-bit and 32-bit system. However, we cannot put a 64-bit product. This may show a bootstrap error. It is recommended that you install the products on your computer for configuration.

Measure 3.
Clean boot.
Sometimes the interference of services and applications can also complete the installation of Microsoft Office applications with the bootstrapper stopped working. Boot up is the computer that is the best troubleshooting to disable and fix the problem that is interfering with the software in Windows.

The steps to make a sterile shoe are given below:

Open the Run Control Box
The msconfig
Clean boot control

Choose Selective Startup
Select hide all Microsoft services on the Services tab
Clean boot
Uncheck the services that you think might lead you to get confused when installing Microsoft Office
Just click Hire and it's okay
Restart the computer
Try to install Office after restarting.

Measure 4.
Uninstall and reinstall
check if any office app is set up on your own apps. If the above troubleshooting steps did not work and the attribute list. Eliminate it if installed and try reinstalling.

Follow the instructions to uninstall and reinstall Microsoft Workplace:

Open the waveform control window
Sort appwiz.cpl and click Enter
Assess whether Microsoft Office has been set up previously
Uninstall and reinstall Office

Click and remove the application.
Click here to talk to a specialist.