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How to resolve Microsoft Office 2019 update errors

Installing updates on a regular period or once they are accessible on the official site is one of the best practices that a user should consider doing. Whenever Microsoft rolls out updates for its Office users, they can get attribute updates, bug fixes, and patches. This makes it very important for an individual to configure updates on their device. However, what would you do if you cannot install these updates on your device?

Next, we will try to take a look at the various aspects of Microsoft Office updates, as well as the errors you may encounter when installing them. Here, we take Office 2019, for example, to understand ways to resolve Microsoft Bootstrapper Error Office 2013.

Ways to fix the Error

When installing an Office 2019 update, you may encounter an error message stating that the update installation could not be completed due to some reasons. Every now and then the error message comes up with all the main reasons for the exact same thing, but occasionally it might not.

 1- Evaluate your System

Before trying any workarounds, you should verify that your device is linked to a high-speed system link because every time you experience any configuration, you must connect to secure connectivity to ensure a smooth setup.

 2: Try to Install the Updates Manually

In case you have chosen to automatically install updates, you should disable this function for some time, as you may install unnecessary updates on your own device. Disabling this option will give you the option to select a specific update that you want to install.

 3- Repair the Version of Office you are using

In the event that you are unable to open some of the Office programs on your device, the best thing to do is to fix the version of Office that you are using to ensure that there are no problems with the associated files:

• First click on the "Start" option and launch the "Control Panel"

• In addition, you must touch the "Programs" option from the menu

• Now, choose the alternative scan like "Uninstall a program"

• In the list of installed versions of Microsoft Office, select the one with technical problems

• Now, navigate to this bar provided at the top and choose "Change"

• On the page that appears, choose the "Quick Repair" alternative

• Followed with this, choose "Correct" and go to another step

• If this does not help, choose "Online Repair"


We hope that the solution provided by this informative article has helped you repair the problems you encounter when installing the latest Office updates. In case these alternatives don't fix the problem, you can also try reinstalling your Office document completely and reinstalling it. Before proceeding with the reinstallation process, you need to check for any persistent files and then delete them as well.