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How to resolve Epson Printer Offline on Mac

Isn't it annoying once you are about to have a print and all of a sudden you get a pop-up window stating that the Epson printer offline Mac can't communicate with the Epson printer? It is more troublesome for customers who got an important file to print. Although, most of the time, due to the problem, you are facing Epson Printer Communication Error.


There are typical problems due to the Epson printer keep moving offline Mac. In case your Epson printer is not online, it may be if your printer is turned off or the USB link is a bit loose. There are several ways to repair it. But if things get out of hand, you can enlist the help of an expert.


Steps to resolve Epson Printer Offline on Mac Problem


Try step by step manual to fix the Epson printer offline Mac problem. These measures have been tried and tested with our specialists. Let's start one by one.


Step 1: Rule from the Apparent


We can start by removing the apparent fixes. We often tend to miss out on those obvious actions. If you are using a USB cable, you should examine the link between the Epson printer and your Mac computer. Make sure that the USB cable is connected right at both ends.

  • Evaluate if your Epson printer displays any error or warning messages. The ink has probably dried or the paper is jammed.
  • It is a big decision to restart your Epson Printer; it seems to be working properly. Turn off your Epson printer. Turn it on after 5 minutes.
  • Eventually, it is possible to restart your Mac computer and see if this solves the Epson printer offline Mac problem or not.

Step 2: Resetting the Epson printer on a Mac PC


This can remove your Epson printer on your Mac computer. Then you can certainly start over and join your printer to your Mac.

  • To get started, turn on your Mac monitor and click on the Apple menu
  • Click System Preferences from the list.
  • Some options will appear, start searching and tap on the tools and scanners in the list.
  • Next, you want to right-click on your own printer. After that, you need to choose the print alternative from the rest.
  • This may ask you to enter the user ID and password to use the changes.
  • At the last one, you can tap the (+) icon to include your Epson printer one more time.

Step 3: Update the Epson Printer Drivers


This matter happened randomly due to the installation of outdated drivers. Go to the Epson printer service website and configure the Epson drivers for your device. Enter the version number of your printer and choose the option to download drivers for Mac. Once finished, you can check the status of your device.


Step 4: Change the Epson printer


Another way to fix the problem is by taking care of your device. The recovery procedure depends on the model number of your Epson printer. An in-depth review of the procedure can be found in the user guide for your Epson device.


These steps will make one solve Epson Printer won't Print. But if the offline problem with your Epson printer is not resolved, you may need expert help. You can contact technicians and get their help in solving the Epson printer offline Mac problem.