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Best 5 Antivirus Software for iPad

Today almost every person is using the internet. Some people use the internet for business, some for personal work, and some for other work. Everyone wants to keep all their data and details secure. If we talk about devices, many devices have in-built safety features. Apple devices have excellent safety features, iPhone, iPad, and other Mac devices have a good defense against all the harmful viruses and malware.

Best 5 Antivirus Software for iPad

But with increasing technology, viruses and malware are also getting strong. Today criminal minds and hackers are also using new techniques for breaching the data. Viruses and malware can break your safety wall and can cause damage to your files and other important documents. So, now Apple users also need good antivirus software for securing their sensitive data.

Top antivirus software for iPad:

Norton Mobile Security: Norton is a very famous name in the world of antivirus. Norton provides excellent safety to your iPad. But you should always be aware of enter norton product key for activating your Norton Mobile Security. The Product Key provides you the legitimate Norton Antivirus product. With the use of the Norton Product key, you can easily use all the top features of Norton antivirus. You can easily install Norton antivirus from the iTunes app store. Some top features of Norton antivirus are:

  • An anti-theft feature which helps for finding your lost phone
  • A backup feature which helps to back up your data and contacts
  • Moving contacts from one device to another while switching the phone
  • Use a feature and internet for calling on your missing device

McAfee Security: McAfee antivirus is a well-known antivirus for years. This antivirus provides good safety from all viruses, malware, and malicious URLs. McAfee security antivirus is free and you can download it from the app store or you can activate your mcafee product key which will allows you to show some good features of McAfee antivirus are:

  • Security Pin to lock your gallery to achieve safety and privacy.
  • Secure Snap album to protect your photos and makes you sure that those photos should not be shown on the normal photo album
  • Anti-theft feature for locating your lost device

MobiShield: If you can spend money on your device protection then MobiShield can be a good option for you. MobiShield antivirus provides many top features at a very cheap price. Top features of MobiShield are:

  • You will get regular updates about the condition of your device
  • Data and contacts recovery
  • Monitors your storage and battery life
  • You can also scan the network to ensure that you are not opening any malicious websites
  • Data limit notifications for preventing data charges

Protection for iPhone by ByteLabs: This is a free application, but if you need additional features for your iPad then you have to purchase. Its monthly subscription costs only $9.99. Some top features are:

  • A full scan of your iPad and provide you tell you about the malicious sites and applications
  • Blocks malicious applications, websites as well trackers from breaching your device safety
  • Notifies you when a virus get detected

Lookout Mobile Security: This is a free antivirus software program with many good features. If you want extra features then you can go for the premium version. Premium version has many exclusive features which provide a good safety to your device. Top features of Lookout Mobile Security are:

  • Backing your personal data such as photos, videos, contacts etc
  • Tells you the last location before your iPad died
  • Notifies you when any new IOS update is available
Some other good antivirus programs for iPad are Avira Mobile Security, Trend Micro Mobile Security, F-Secure SAFE, VirusDetector Pro etc.