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What is McAfee error 1336? How you can fix it?

McAfee is one of the most common names in the field of security software. gives you a reliable McAfee product which offers you numerous features for protecting your device and network. McAfee Total Protection can provide security to your multiple devices. McAfee can run on every kind of OS such as Windows, iOS, Android and, Mac. You can protect your Windows PC, your MacBook, your iOS phone simultaneously with just one McAfee suite.

McAfee offers you many other interesting features to the user but you may also get some errors while using McAfee antivirus. Error 1336 is one of McAfee errors which usually occur due to installation failure. But you can also get this error due to various other reasons.

Common reasons for getting McAfee Error code 1336:

  • Incomplete installation of McAfee files: Sometimes due to any type of interruption, McAfee antivirus didn't get installed properly. This can be a reason of getting McAfee 1336 in your device.
  • Corrupt Registry files: When your Windows registry files get corrupted; the chances of getting McAfee 1336 error get increased.
  • Unreliable download source: If you have downloaded McAfee antivirus from an unreliable source then it can be a major cause of getting McAfee related errors.
  • Malware infection:  Malicious viruses and other malware can infect your device which can be a possible cause of error 1336.

Symptoms of Error 1336:

  • You will get frequent freezes
  • Your OS will work slowly
  • Your active program will crash
  • Error 1336 will be displayed on your screen

Possible solutions for fixing McAfee error 1336:

  • Remove junk from your device
  1. Open your device
  2. Click on the Start button
  3. You will get a search bar
  4. Enter command in the search bar
  5. A command prompt will appear on your desktop
  6. Hit ctrl and shift key simultaneously
  7. Press Enter button
  8. You will get a permission dialog box
  9. Choose the yes option
  10. You will get a blinking cursor on the dialog box
  11. Type cleanmgr on the black box
  12. Hit the Enter button
  13. The disk cleaner tool will start calculating the occupied space which can be freed away
  14. You will get some checkboxes on your screen
  15. Check those boxes you want to remove from the device (temporary files)
  16. Tap the OK button
  • Provide a complete scan to your computer
  1. Click on your Start menu
  2. Go to the search bar
  3. Type command on the search bar
  4. Tap the Enter button
  5. You will get a command prompt on your screen
  6. Type sfc/scannow on the prompt window
  7. Your device scanner will scan your whole device
  8. Restart your device
  • Install your Windows updates
  1. Go to the start menu
  2. Type update on the search bar
  3. Hit the Enter button
  4. You will get a Windows update dialog box
  5. Choose the Yes button
  6. The Windows updates will take a few minutes
  7. After completing the updates; your device will automatically get restart
  8. Check whether your problem is fixed or not

If you are still getting the same McAfee antivirus error then asking for professional support can be helpful.