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What do you need to know about your iCloud Photo Library?

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In, 2017 iCloud Photo Library was one the leading service at the WWDC Keynote and came along with iOS 8.1. It allows you to sync your images and videos to iCloud which grants you to access them from anywhere. ICloud Photo Library allows you to keep all your images and videos in iCloud so you can use them from anywhere. It provides you with an option to keep an optimized and lightweight version of your library, which allows you to save space.

Camera Roll and My Photo Stream album will replace with an All Photos album when you enable iCloud Photo Library. Earlier, My Photo Stream synced only images from last 30 days. But with iCloud Photo Library, all images and videos are automatically synced in your device.

Q: Now should I upgrade to iCloud Photo Library?

A: iCloud Photo Library is in beta, please proceed carefully.

Q: How to open iCloud Library?

A: Go to settings> iCloud> Photos & Camera> Tap the on/off button

(Note: Your device needs to be on iOS8.1 or higher version)

Q: How to access photos and videos in iCloud Photo Library?

A: You can access photos and videos in All Photos album on your device. Currently, there is no native app available for iCloud Photo Library. Log-in to on your device and click on iCloud Photo Library.

Q: How to prevent photos from syncing with other iOS devices?

A.: Go to Settings>iCloud>Photos and disabled Upload to My Photo Stream.

Q: How to save space on an iOS device?

A: You can save space by following these steps:

Setting>Photos & Cameras>iCloud Photo Library>iCloud Photos and select optimize iPhone Storage.

Q: How many different photo and video formats do iCloud Photo Library support?

A: iCloud Photo Library supports many formats: RAW, PNG, GIF, TIFF, JPEG and MP4.

Q: How to upload photos manually to iCloud Photo Library?

A: You can use AirDrop to copy the image from your Mac running OS X Yosemite to your iPhone. You can also upload photos by opening on your window PC or Mac running OS X Mavericks or earlier. You can also sign in to by your Apple ID, and then click on Photos, followed by an upload button. Then select the photo you want to upload.

Q: What happens when I delete or edit any photos and videos?

A: When you edit your photo, the changes are updated in all your devices. If you have selected Optimize iPhone/ iPad Storage then it will download your original photo for editing. The original photo is stored in iCloud which can revert back any time. When you delete an image from Photo app, it also gets deleted from iCloud Photo Library. But you can recover that image from the Recently Deleted album for 30 days. After 30 days they are deleted from your device. But if you need to recover that image you can contact to iCloud Phone Number.

Q: Does your iCloud Photo library get counted against your iCloud storage?

A: Yes, your whole library does get counted. ICloud storage is used for iCloud Drive, iCloud Photo Library beta, iCloud backup, iCloud Mail.