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Upgrade Antivirus Software to Maintain PC Security

norton activation

For running day to day activities, we are dependent on the computer. Computer is similar to a workplace for everyone so that you need to make certain your office should be highly secure when it concerns the security issues.

To be able to safeguard your information from unauthorized access, you need to have antivirus software. Antivirus protects all of the data or information stored in the computer from becoming infected by undesirable stuff. But it's necessary that you upgrade antivirus software because day to day new viruses are being designed. You can't continue continuing with your old antivirus software for the detection of viruses, which evolve daily basis. To shield your computer from newly evolved virus you will need to upgrade antivirus.


It's possible to upgrade antivirus software in two manners. The first method is to uninstall the residing version of antivirus and install its most recent version. Other way is to go for antivirus software with the attributes that matches to your computer according to the essence of your job. Different kinds of antivirus software available on the market are Norton, McAfee, AVG and Kaspersky etc.. Visit the top antivirus software in 2019 to find more in detail about the various antivirus software.

Now we can go over the procedure to upgrade Norton Internet Security 8.0 to 8.5. Go through the directions given below to update antivirus.

STEP 1- Go to the official site of Norton(Symantec). Then pick the latest version of applications and click on"Renew and Update" to upgrade.

STEP 2- Click on "Norton Activation" button found under the section"Renew and Update".

STEP 3- Write your license number in the text appears on the window and then click the"Renew or Upgrade my Norton" option.

STEP 4- Select the proper subscription for example one or 2 year subscription application and enter credit card information. Click"Next" to proceed farther.

Once you download the Norton antivirus software, run the program. Your computer will take few minutes to set up Norton antivirus.


Apart from Norton there could be many other antivirus software which you can update. Above mentioned procedure is same for the update of commonly used antivirus software. By following the directions given, you could be able upgrade antivirus to satisfy our PC security requirements.


In the event you're feeling uncomfortable to uninstall antivirus throughout the process given above then it's possible to opt for technical support providers, which provide dedicated technical support to upgrade antivirus. Their technical experts will get your computer remotely via Web and will upgrade and install antivirus in accordance with the configuration of your computer.

Even new complex and tricky threats could be fixed since the various antivirus software's utilize advanced instruments and techniques.