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Top Ways to Safely Test Your Antivirus Software

People install antivirus on their device to keep it secure from all malware and other threats. Antivirus prevents viruses, bots, adware, spyware, Trojan Horses, and other threats to enter the device and network. But are sure that your antivirus is working well? You must inspect all your software programs to ensure that they are running without any error. Your antivirus scans your file, monitors your network activities, so you must be sure that your antivirus is fully reliable and robust. For checking the antivirus, you should not try accessing a dangerous website or opening malicious files. There are various other safe methods to check whether your antivirus is running reliably or not. There are some methods where you can test your antivirus under a controlled environment and certain rules.

Check your download protection with EICAR file

EICAR is not a malicious file and contains some particular string of codes. This is one of the best ways for checking your antivirus as the antivirus programs are trained for detecting those codes. Whenever the antivirus finds that code, it immediately reports that your device is containing a dangerous infection. But you know that EICAR codes are not harmful so you don’t have to worry. You can copy the EICAR code from any there and then just paste it. If your antivirus does not show any issue then your antivirus is not working properly and you should switch your security program. But if the antivirus immediately shows an alert that your device is dealing with a dangerous threat then you can assure that you have installed a reliable antivirus which is working properly on your device.

Check Keylogger protection

Keyloggers are dangerous malware that steal your data. They can steal your credentials, credit card details, and other crucial information. Antivirus offers anti-tracker tools that prevent all the keyloggers from stealing your data. McAfee activate product key provides excellent protection from the keyloggers. It ensures that no keyloggers and spyware are tracking your data. You can test your keylogger protection tool with the help of a Spyshelter test tool. This is a very good tool for determining whether the keylogger is working fine or not. The data logger monitors the keyboard input, computer clipboard as well as your webcam feed. You can download a Spyshelter test tool from the internet to check your keylogger protection. Now check whether your antivirus can catch it or not. If your antivirus fails to detect it then boot the tool to review what type of logging is taking place on your device without any warning sign from your antivirus. This is one of the best tools to check whether your antivirus is working or not. It will ensure that whether your antivirus can determine that the file is malicious or just a simple text file.


AMTSO provides various basic tests that you can perform on your device to check the performance of your antivirus. It is one of the top tools to check the defense rate of your antivirus. The attack performed by AMTSO is not dangerous so you can assure that your device is not getting into any danger. With the help of AMTSO, you can check the phishing site detection, drive-by protection, PUPs, etc. They all of them one by one and check how many threats are determined by your antivirus. If your antivirus fails to detect these threats that means your antivirus is now working well and you should try another antivirus which can prevent all the dangerous threats entering the device.

Check your firewall protection

People install firewalls to keep the network secured from all unauthorized access. A firewall monitors the incoming traffic on the network and blocks all dangerous packets. Many firewall protection all checks the outgoing data and stops all the data which is traveling outside your device without your permission. Hackers are always looking to open the ports. If you don't have a firewall then hackers can easily enter your device. You can use the ShieldUP tool for checking your firewall status. You can easily use the ShieldUP tool. When you perform the GRC’s INstat UPnP Exposure Test, the site will try to access the router and send you some requests. If your firewall is working fine then the site will not receive any information because the firewall will block the request. But if you get the information then your firewall is not working fine.


Check the AV-Test results

AV-Comparatives shows the test results in various environments. It will show the range of malware detection, malware removal, and various other tests. You must get the antivirus which has a good AV-Test score. If you are spending money on purchasing the antivirus then you must check whether the antivirus is working or not.