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Top 10 Antivirus Programs

The great thing is that there are many anti-virus programs that help combat cybersecurity threats. The good thing is that there are many applications that you may not know where to start. To help you choose, here is a summary of the top 10 antivirus programs.

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Note: the cost of each depends on the subscription plan you choose.

What do they have to offer you?


The free version is very useful and effective. If you update the entire version of AVG Internet Security, you will receive additional features such as webcam security, an improved firewall and AntiVirus Guru for Android. Both the free and full version consists of real-time security updates.

It is a simple program that provides all the necessary elements without a fancy design. A home and business model are available.

The intriguing thing about Panda is that it uses "intelligent technology" based on large information and cloud-based collective IT protection.


Avast Antivirus, created by the same programmers as AVG, who can be on the list of top 10 antivirus programs, has amazing network scanning capabilities. It is equipped with a huge threat detection system and provides simple password management and home security tools as well as virus protection.


Avira Pro gives users greater control over their security and freedom of automation.


The 2018 variant is an essential application that offers full protection against spyware, viruses and even identity theft. F-Secure provides its applications in 20 unique languages, which can be something more than other anti-virus programs.


Among the earliest and best known 10 most popular antivirus applications, McAfee provides protection for both businesses and consumers. The award-winning, better antivirus is available for 1, 5 and even 10 cameras. Choose the subscription program that best suits your needs.

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The free version of Kaspersky includes excellent features for which many other anti-virus packages cost. Although there has been controversy by the US federal government, Kaspersky Lab has a long history of success in private and home applications. Benefits include detecting and fixing application vulnerabilities, microphone and camera access security, email scanning and website scanning, as well as the ability to spread malicious software.


"Norton" is the term most men and women think about when an antivirus program comes to mind. The Security Deluxe package is perfect when you have constant problems with malware because the Power Eraser tool actually sinks deep into your hard disk to eradicate everything that is bad. The great thing about Norton is that it provides a money-back guarantee.

All these will be steps through which you can easily download the Norton antivirus program and use it to protect your computer. After installation, the Norton anti-virus program does not open or respond, so don’t worry. Norton customer service is available 24/7 to fix any problems encountered.


Due to its ability to offer powerful protection while maintaining discretion in the background, Bitdefender is obviously on high 10 anti-virus lists. Try the free version, and if you love it, look at the Bitdefender Plus upgrade. This is without a doubt one of the largest computer security programs you can buy for the money.

Regardless of one of the top 10 antivirus solutions you want to test, you can use coupons to save the Premium or Professional version. For example, the Bitdefender promotional code or Avast reduction will be useful if you want to update the entire version of the online security program.