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The best free antivirus software

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Finding the Best Free Antivirus Software Using the computer at home is the task of the average home user. Computer protection can be an important part of computer security. Both main problems associated with choosing the best free antivirus program check whether you can trust the site from which you download the application, and whether the downloaded applications actually effectively remove viruses.


It's fantastic that Google has provided the answer. In 2006, Google announced the "Google Pack", which is a set of over 10 free applications, including a number of Google's own programs, such as Google Desktop, as well as the excellent Picasa 2 photo editor. The Google package also includes a free antivirus program provided by world-class security software provider.


Symantec has released a version of Norton AntiVirus 2005 to obtain the Google package. The Norton AntiVirus product range has been known for one of the main antivirus solutions in your home for several decades. The ability to eliminate and scan works well in tests. There was one big limitation. Symantec was ready to offer virus definition updates that are fundamental to products for a period of six months, and then the consumer had to upgrade to software.

In early 2007, the issue was resolved by Google. A problem with Symantec. As a result, Norton AntiVirus 2005 has been replaced by a new product called "Norton Security Scan". The product lacked several innovative features, but still retained the ability to scan and remove Norton AntiVirus products. Symantec agreed to delivery.


Given the fact that Norton Security Scan is based on Norton AntiVirus products, as well as downloads from a reliable Google website, Norton Security Scan is the best free antivirus program available now.

There are many computer-related websites. It encourages you to download norton setup with product key from Google Pack to secure your computer.