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 Safe social networking tips for teens

· Technology
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Using social networking is not only common but also necessary to improve social skills basically for teens. About 9 out of 10 teens have a social networking account. SNSs provide a platform where you can make friends across the globe, share your thoughts, make plans, etc. But teens often forget about the threats and dangers they might face due to social networking. Teens and elderly people are more prone to these threats because they don't have good knowledge about these threats. Teens love to use SNS and are round the clock active on these sites. It's necessary to use social sites with a few security measures to keep yourself safe.

Do not share personal information

Sharing your personal information such as phone number, home address, etc can be dangerous. You can also use your nickname instead of your real name in SNS; this will help in preventing phishing and identity theft.

Make only reliable friends

Social networking site is a good platform for making friends. You can easily make lots of friends from around the world. But you should only make reliable friends such as your known friends. If you are adding an unknown friend then check his/her whole profile. If you feel anything suspicious then do not accept the request. Never give bank details or other crucial information to anyone on SNS.

Protect your profile picture

The profile picture is shown to everyone. Basically, it is like the online identity which helps other people to identify you on social networking sites. Cybercriminals can use your profile pictures for various irrelevant jobs. They can create a fake account under your name and use your profile picture. This practice can really harmful and can also harm your dignity. For securing your profile picture, go your setting and use profile picture guard. This feature is now available in various SNSs; use this feature and prevent any kind of mischievous activity.

Do not open your SNS account on cyber café

Never open SNS account on library desktops or cyber café; those devices are not safe. You don't have any idea who had used and who will be using that device. Those devices can be infected from spyware and Trojans which can steal your data. Always use a personal device for accessing social sites. Do not forget to install antivirus in your device. www TrendMicro Com BestBuyDownloads antivirus will help to prevent all malware from stealing your information. It also provides an extra layer of security to your network.

Keep your account password protected

Use a strong and long password for your account and make sure not to share your password with anyone. Remembering long and meaningless passwords is difficult. You can use a trick such as: Use a sentence like "I hate capsicum and mango but loves peach and number 4!" as "Ihcamblpan4!" Your password should contain alphanumeric characters and special characters. Norton Com Setup Product Key password manager can help you to keep lots of account details with their passwords safely; you just need to remember the master key of a password manager.

Never make meet-up plans with strangers

You should never blindly trust the person sitting behind the screen. If you are really willing to meet that person; never go alone and meet at public places.

Be smart while using social sites and prevent all kind of SNS threats.