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Repairing an Office Application which is not working

Repairing Office Application which is not working

Repair Office Program -- Microsoft Office Software reduces the opportunity to do tasks such as creating a document or demonstration. These programs include the latest attributes and technologies that helps them perform better. When utilizing these programs, you might face some problems that are common. All these problems are resolvable and you have to stick to the simple troubleshooting. In this guide, we're going to explain a procedure.





  • First of all, You Have to Click the icon of this program like Word.
  • Additionally, Click the File menu and select Account or Office Account.
  • When Update options button located then it's a Click-to-Run installment. However, otherwise, then it is based setup.
  • Now close the program, after checking the setup is click-to-run or MSI based.
  • Additionally, click the start button and select Control Panel.
  • You also go to the App and Characteristics and then Apps.
  • Beneath Programs tab, you want to pick uninstall an application.
  • Currently, from the listing, you want to choose the title of your goods then click Change or Repair.
  • In case your app installation is Click-to-Run then pick Online.
  • In the event of MSI based installation, you can choose Repair.
  • After choosing the required choice, you have to click on Continue to move farther.
  • You're now required to follow the directions showing about the Wizard to Repair Office Program.


  • Close all of the programs running on your system.
  • Additionally, Click the start button and search for the Office Diagnostics Utility.
  • Double click the search result and wait until the practice is completed.
  • Once the diagnostics application is completed using all the scanning then it will show the results on the monitor.
  • In the event the matter isn't fixed then additionally you'll find the information associated with cause of this malfunction.
  • Currently, you may use this info to mend or Repair Office Program for superior usage.


  • In the event you're using Office 365 then you may use this tool to fix workplace program.
  • To start with, you want to download and install the application from the office setup.
  • As soon as you're finished with the setup then you need to decide on both of the choices in accordance with your requirement.
  • Tick on the checkbox and click the following to continue farther.
  • Additionally, you must log into a Office account.
  • Input your email id and password to log into your accounts. Then click the following.
  • Now, the cost will begin assessing your program to supply the answer of your own issue.
  • If you happen to want any help you might contact Office Support or see us in

Follow both of the approaches. You might attempt to uninstall and reinstall Office program from the system.