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Proper anti-virus protection - 5 frequently asked questions

Five questions about antivirus programs

Can I use free antivirus programs for protection?

You can do it nicely! Only if you want to be exposed to almost twice as many viruses as compared to some antivirus or branded antivirus programs. I understand it, but it is a fact and reality is not what we would like to hear. Now and NSS Labs confirm these claims. According to NSS Labs in September 2009, a completely free AVG system for 67.1% virus detection was revealed!

May I want many applications to protect against various problems?

For example, you'll see many products that increase coverage for one or all of these types of ailments: Ad-Aware, Spyware, Viruses, Trojans, Keyloggers, Malware, etc. The solution is gone and I will explain. If the product you buy has the information "Antivirus protection", it probably does NOT contain a "firewall" or even an "antivirus". By purchasing this product, you need software to complete the protection. To save money and trouble, make sure you get something that includes a firewall and protects against all ailments.

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Why does my antivirus program make my computer run so slowly ?

Unfortunately, this is a protection problem. Antivirus programs take up a lot of resources, which slows down your computer. Norton is the most powerful of all applications printed by AV-Test. The result in the Norton feature on the PC was 4 out of 100. Trend Micro Internet Security obtained the result with the least impact on the performance beaten by Norton on your computer!

When do I have protection Why can I still get the virus?

This question is asked over and over again in our PC mechanics. The solution is voluminous and long to wrap them in a nut shell. There are several common factors.

1.) Your antivirus program has not been updated; I have clients not updated with the latest definitions! Make sure you update your antivirus program, but not everyone will. Lack of updates will cause you to be exposed to new viruses.

2.) Downloading movies or music from programs or websites will be possible no matter how infected your defense is. Peer-2-Peer applications, such as LimeWire, would be the WORST in ailment, almost all files are connected to a virus, and this application completely bypasses your antivirus program, no matter what application you have. Such behavior is illegal, so it is ideal to prevent such actions if you cannot get infected.

3.) Lack of defense will result in infection. So many men and women think that they used security but eventually studied their security. For example, the most commonly used anti-virus is McAfee, which has only 82.2% detection, which puts it in fourth place in terms of best protection. With nearly 30,000 new viruses entering the network daily, based on the latest FCC reports, 82.2% simply do not intend to reduce it.

What is the best antivirus program to use?

Just place; Trend Micro Internet Security. Why are you talking Because of a few reasons ...

1.) Unlike the result of improper detection, AVG or McAfee Trend Micro Internet Security contains 93.6% virus detection speed. Trend Micro Internet Security is currently number 1 in the field of virus detection and lasts for over 3 years by both AV-Test and NSS Labs.

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2.) Trend Micro Internet Safety is the whole package. It's your antivirus, antispyware, identity protection and firewall. You will not have to obtain any program for your own protection.

3.) In the AV test, the latest Trend Micro Products report, which came first in terms of computer functionality after installation. With an unbelievable 40% performance chart guide, Norton Trend Micro will be the least noticeable application you will install on your computer.

4.) Trend Micro Internet Security installed. Since the update of the mailbox, it provides a sense of security and scans.

Personal testimony

We have used this application by almost 700 of their customers and we have one individual callback having a problem. To be clean, your antivirus program is perfect, so keep common sense and get tired of downloading unknown files. By combining well Trend Micro Internet Security; viruses and customers are a thing of the past.