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Norton Antivirus Is Best Internet Security

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The Norton internet security package also Includes Antis Am and well as Parental Controls, which enable you to kid lock your personal computer and make sure that young users in your home don't have access to inappropriate online content. The Norton internet security bundle is compatible with both the Home and Premium Editions, as well as the Business and Ultimate versions, of Windows Vista and Windows XP (Service Pack 2 is required).

Symantec's software bundle also offers email scanning

There is also the invaluable phishing protection provided for Your online action, though it's only compatible with two browsers at the moment, Microsoft Internet Explorer (6 or greater, 32-bit only), and Mozilla Firefox (version 2 or higher), so users familiar with Opera or Netscape as programs or Google email and Talk may not gain in the email and instant messaging scanning features.

Norton internet security also helps you to protect yourself Against online identity theft by protecting your system against malware attacks and hackers. The anti spyware alternative also ensures that no malicious applications can covertly install itself on your system.

Like other online safety suppliers, Norton has also Stepped up its performance criteria, and scans and other procedures are much faster in the new online security package than they had been in previous versions. Norton internet security additionally monitors both email and instant messaging for both viruses and spyware to provide you further protection for your system.

Norton has also got its own patented technology for Discovering root kits in your system. Root kits are devices which impact your working system in a manner which makes malicious software (malware) and spyware undetectable in your system's procedures, and assist to conceal such setups so that you are unaware of the existence.

Among the defects from the Norton Internet Security package is that it can be difficult to uninstall it in your system as soon as you have put this up. Features such as email scanning may be temporarily deactivated, but the app itself does not come with an uninstall option, and is likely to keep giving you reminders about updating or renewing your account.


Norton Antivirus is most important for your device which helps to keep your device safe and secure from virus. If you want to proper use of Norton antivirus to contact norton com setup for activate your product key.