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Methods to fix Norton Identity Safe Settings

Norton Identity Safe is a program which protects your identity at the same time transactions are initiated by you. It stores the log in information like username or email ID or password, private details like telephone and address numbers, financial advice like credit/debit card information and bank account info.

It permits you to handle cards info and prevents identity scams. Downloaded through, Norton Identity Safe guarantees that the whole security of your information by keeping it on a local vault. Other features of Norton Identity Safe include:

Methods to fix Norton Identity Safe Settings
  • Easy export and import your Norton Identity Safe info
  • When the information is saved to the vault, you can get it from anyplace
  • By storing your information into the vault, you can prevent its unauthorized access
  • Ease of turning and turning off

After it is downloaded it is possible to configure the settings of the committed safety application anytime by following these directions:

1. Double-click Norton Identity Safe to start its primary interface
2. Open Settings in the bottom of the Norton window
3. Input your Norton Identity Safe password in the Vault Closed window
• If you don't own a vault then you can utilize your Norton account's log in ID and password to make a vault
4. From here, it is possible to change unique settings by switching one of the various tabs
5. Click Save
If you're still not able to establish a setting contact Norton Antivirus customer service team for the assistance after doing this procedure. A tech will be pleased to help you 24x7 with appropriate solution.