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How you can install and organize McAfee ePO cloud Bridge extension

McAfee ePO cloud bridge extension can be referred to as a simple extension which allows you to connect your CPU cloud account and your local McAfee ePO server. Before installing McAfee BPO cloud bridge extension in your system make sure that you have a legitimate McAfee product. Always install your McAfee antivirus software with the help of McAfee Product Key. McAfee product key will help you to access all the features of McAfee anti-virus and it will also provide you with the authenticity of the anti-virus.

How you can install and organize McAfee ePO cloud Bridge extension

Here are the steps to install and configure McAfee ePO cloud bridge extension:

Before start downloading make sure you have your product key with you.

  1. Go to the McAfee link and select your McAfee antivirus suite
  2. A Download popup button will appear
  3. Tap the download button to download McAfee antivirus suite
  4. Login your account with your credentials
  5. Enter the product key and type the given captcha
  6. Follow all the on-screen commands and finally click on the submit button
  7. Now open your McAfee product
  8. Search for McAfee ePO cloud bridge file
  9. Open the console
  10. Go to the menu
  11. Select your McAfee antivirus suite
  12. Tap on the given extension
  13. Tap the install extension button
  14. Search for the extension zip file
  15. Tap the ok button
  16. Check that the McAfee ePO cloud bridge name is displaying on the list of extensions or not.

By following the steps mentioned above you can easily install McAfee cloud bridge extension.

Steps for configuring McAfee ePO cloud bridge extension:

Before configuring McAfee ePO cloud extension, make sure you have administrator's rights.

1. Go to the menu

2. Select the configuration option from the list

3. Select server settings

4. Click on server setting categories

5. Open McAfee ePO cloud account

6. Tap on the edit option

7. If you already have McAfee EP cloud account,

  • Enter the login credentials
  • Accept the license agreement
  • Finally, tap the save button

8. In case you don't have McAfee ePO account

  • Go to the sign up now
  • Create a new McAfee ePO cloud account

9. Finally, you can see it if we eat pure cloud bridge page which is providing the following information given below:

  • email- Your email address has been successfully configured
  • Status- Linked

Features provided by McAfee antivirus:

  • Malware protection: McAfee antivirus in one of the top antivirus program for detecting and removing malware from the system. This antivirus provides security from hackers as well as malicious URLs and software.
  • Data Shredder: Data shredder feature of McAfee antivirus helps to remove the data permanently. Become some expert hackers can get the data even after deleting. But with data shredder feature, your data is permanently removed from the system and nobody can regain it.
  • Secure multiple devices with a single McAfee account: A user can secure his multiple devices easily with a single McAfee antivirus. It means a McAfee Antivirus Plus subscription can protect your laptop as well as mobile devices.

Some other good features of McAfee antivirus are:

  • Good cloud-based management console
  • Password manager
  • Firewall
  • True Key (for two-factor authentication)

If you want to keep your data secure from all external malware and hackers, McAfee is a good choice for you.

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