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How would you revive your contacts through Norton Mobile Security

When you need them to be revived on the device or a device then and have backed up your contacts this guide is right for you. In this guide, I will give you with the procedure to restore your contacts. Test it out and thank me

How would you revive your contacts through Norton Mobile Security

For Android Users

1.Open the Norton Mobile Security program in your Smartphone
2.Hit on the fourth pillar to get the Device screen. You'll discover this column at the bottom of the main display
3.Now tap Contact Backup
4.Pick your device from the drop-down menu accessible alongside the Backups to get

  • Please note, you need to choose the device for which you've established the backup sooner

5.This can restore the Contacts on the apparatus the Norton Mobile Security is presently being obtained on
6.Today, you will notice the listing of these copies
7.With that list, select the backup you wish to restore (Remember you have supplied names into the backup during backup production, therefore, pick that title).
8.Now, do one of the followings:

  • Pick Append then tap Restore to merge the contacts in the backup with all the contacts saved to your apparatus
  • Pick Overwrite and tap Restore to substitute the present contacts onto your present device

9.It is completed.

In the event you neglect to revive your contacts then go to the customer care department at and join to a certified tech.

For iOS Users (iPad and iPhone)

1.Open the Norton Mobile Security and tap Backup
2.Alongside Device, You Will Discover that a Restore tab
3.Here, enter the device name then choose the device backup to verify you want to restore the contacts into the present device
4.Harness the backup name alongside Version
5.Pick the backup version which you wish to revive
6.Now, tap Restore
7.Pick among these:

  • Append
  • Overwrite

8. After done, tap OK
9. You've restored your Contacts
For any other kinds of errors you can directly reach us to our Norton center