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How to Install or Reinstall McAfee LiveSafe

When you start from a computer program from an installed LiveSafe product. You will be motivated to discuss your information. LiveSafe will be configured, use the computer installation procedure. You can run LiveSafe on your system if you refuse to choose by creating an account and selecting the McAfee icon.

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Remember: For Mac users, it is recommended to run the Downloads folder to check for an earlier version of the .dmg McAfee installer document. If you find a file with the same name, change its name.

How to install it?
Visit the McAfee website after starting the browser from another Mac or PC on which you are installing.

Harness on my account, Log in.

Click Log in after entering your email address and password. If you don't have McAfee accounts Are you a new user? Register now. You can choose the Remember me option if you want your information to be remembered by the website.

Use on my account.

Click the Download button as soon as you have chosen the perfect LiveSafe subscription. You can choose the programs to install.

Click I Agree after reviewing the End User License Agreement to accept the terms and continue using the installation and download process.

follow the instructions for configuring and installing McAfee activation.

On the device you can download the program from application stores:
Apple Store
Shop with Amazon programs
Google Play.
Store with programs for Windows

If you are looking forward to installing the anti-virus on your phone, contact our group through the McAfee antivirus phone number. Our specialists ensure that you need help from staff.