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How to Inspect the Avast Scan Results?

Avast is the most popular antivirus in the market developed by Avast for Windows, Android, and iOS. The Avast antivirus suite includes free and proprietary versions that provide computer security, browser security, firewall, anti-spyware and anti-spam etc.

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Avast antivirus scanner detects the threats and malicious infection that might harm the system in future. It can also detect outdated software, network threat, browser add-ons with poor reputations and operating issues and resolve it completely.

Avast antivirus comes with lots of exclusive features, top Avast antivirus features are:

  1. Detection and removal of malware: Avast antivirus detects malware, ransomware, spyware, and phishing attacks. Once the malware is detected, Avast antivirus will block it and prevent it from accessing your computer and personal documents. This antivirus also offers you a smart scan which scans your device and network with one push of a button.
  2. Home Network Protection: Avast antivirus will alert you if your router is not set up properly, which saves you from dealing with a host issues from hackers breaking into your network.
  3. Sandbox: It is one of the top features of Avast. If you want to test a suspicious file separately, this antivirus partitions a space on your computer for the test.
  4. Wi-Fi Inspector: This feature of Avast checks your Wi-Fi network for security issues. You can click any device for checking its identifiers, interfaces, and services.

How to run the Smart Scan?

  1. Go to interface user of Avast
  2. Open protecting the software by clicking the protecting link
  3. Move it to the antivirus
  4. Hit the scanner of running tab
  5. Go to review the results

How to view it?

  1. Open Avast program and move to the scanning in the left pane.   
  2. Click on the Scan history to open the Scan history window
  3. Click to scan if you wish to view the complete scan section
  4. Open the Detailed Report button to view explained scanning analysis like, you can view names of the infected files. The detailed report is not active for safe files
  5. Click the Close link once you finished.


Steps to resolve the issues:

  1. When you start scanning, you may or may not detect an error. If there is no error, it is shown with a green color tick whereas if it is infected then it will be shown with a red tick.
  2. You will see a list of detailed threats.
  3. Click on the green box characterized with the resolve all button.
  4. Click on the Done button for returning to the main screen.


By these steps provided above, you can easily inspect the Avast Scan results. In case, you are unable to inspect the scan results then call Avast Phone Number for the best results. Avast antivirus provides all the security features like Password protection, Firewall, Webcam shield, Sensitive data shield etc. If you have any suggestions regarding Avast antivirus, comment down below.