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How to Fully Delete McAfee from Your Computer



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There may be a reason for you to decide to uninstall your McAfee antivirus program. Consequently, if you have to perform the removal job, do it in a suitable way. Considering that you need to know the right process, I've brought you a free McAfee Customer Service Number guide. This guide will help you through the removal procedure step-by-step and assist you easily remove the McAfee program. Just ensure that you follow the process properly to prevent confronting McAfee antivirus issues.


Click the Start menu and then go to Control Panel. When in the Control Panel window, Start Looking for Add or Remove Programs and double-click to start it. When in Insert or Remove Programs, look for your McAfee Security Center program. Click to pick it and then hit on the Change/Remove button on the ideal hand site. When prompted, confirm the action. Remember that you must be logged in as an administrator to the computer to perform uninstall.

Failing to which will not let you take it off your PC. When the McAfee Security Center window pops up, be certain that each of the components viz. Virus Scan, Personal Firewall, and Site Adviser etc. are assessed. Click on the Remove button to start the procedure. Hit Eliminate again once you see that the McAfee warning material. Await the process to complete. It could take some time, so be patient. When done and prompted, reboot your PC.

If you are a Windows 7/Vista user, go to Control Panel from the Start menu and then click on the Uninstall an app link under Programs. You will be in the Programs and Features window. As an alternative, you can type ‘programs and attributes' (without quotes) from the Start Search bar to get within this window. Look for McAfee Security Center (or anything like McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise determined by the McAfee variant you're using), select it, and then click the Uninstall/Change button.

When prompted, confirm the action. Confirm that all the McAfee components are assessed. Hit on the Remove button. Hit Eliminate again whenever the warning message appears. Wait for all the elements to remove fully. Do not close or halt the process meanwhile, as it may lead to additional McAfee antivirus issues. Reboot your computer when prompted. The McAfee program should be uninstalled from the PC. In case, you see a message that McAfee did not eliminate successfully, download and then install the McAfee Consumer Product Removal Tool (MCPR.exe).

Open your web browser, type ‘download MCPR.exe' (without quotes) in your search engine's search bar (Google or Bing etc.), and hit the Enter key on your computer keyboard. You will a range of sites offering MCPR.exe download from the search results. You can download it in any trusted site like CNET. Click on the Save File button to save the downloaded file. If prompted, choose a place where you want to store it. When completed, look for the document and double-click to open it. Wait for the program to look for and extract all the McAfee files. Hit the Next button on the McAfee Software Removal window. Click to the check the Agree button to accept the End User License Agreement and hit the Next button. If prompted, type the Safety Authentication code then hit the Next button. Remember, the code is case sensitive. Thus sort the capital and small letters as is. Hit the Next button to continue.

The McAfee software removal process will start. It may take a while, so do not close or finish the process. When successfully eliminated, you will understand that a McAfee successful cleanup message. Click on the View Logs button to check the particulars of the files that are left. These files will open in a Windows Notepad. Give it a title like MCPR.exe or any desired name. Get in touch with a McAfee technical support service and present this file into the McAfee broker. Let the McAfee technical support do the clean up.

Added Tips:

If you want to manually remove the McAfee documents from your own computer, here is the process. Before you go ahead, make sure that you follow the procedure carefully to remove the files. Click on the Start button and then go to My Computer. Windows 7/Vista users must go to Computer. Double click to open the Local C: drive. Navigate to Program Files in the C directory and then hunt for McAfee folders or files.

Use the Windows Search tool to find those documents. Press the Ctrl and F keys together to bring the Lookup box. Sort McAfee from the Search box and hit Enter. Pick the files and/or folders and hit the Delete key on the keyboard. When done with App Files, search in the drives D and C. Delete all the McAfee files. Exit all the windows. Here I am sharing an effortless method to hunt Registry Editor not just for McAfee entrances but for any other app's entries. Sort 'McAfee' (without quotes) in the Find box and then hit Enter. The Find tool will search through the registry branches and also bring up the McAfee entrances. Pick each entry and hit the button. Repeat this search and delete procedure until the Find tool exhausts all the registry branches. When completed, exit Registry Editor and reboot your PC. In case of a problem, contact a McAfee product support services.