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How to fix your Canon printer error code 5b00?

Canon is one of the top printer companies that manufactures wide varieties of printers. You can get a good Canon printer device according to the specifications and budget. These are very reliable and robust printers and provide good quality printouts. But you may get into a few issues after completing the smooth working phase. One common Canon printer error faced by many users is the error code 5b00. This printer error appears and the printing process gets interrupted. You can get the error code 5b00 due to various reasons.

Troubleshooting Canon 5b00 error:

Check the printer driver

You can get the error when your printer driver is dealing with some issue. When the printer error appears, go to your printer driver. If the Canon driver gets outdated then you need to update the driver. Visit the Canon website and check for new updates. If a new update is available for your Canon printer model then install the update. Restart your PC after downloading the update. Give a test print command on your Canon printer and check for the error.

Inspect your connection

Your printer connection can also get you into the b200 error. If you have connected the Canon printer with the wireless connection then check for the WPS. Go to the router and check if the pin is enabled or not. If not then enable it immediately. Now keep the printer near to the router. Wait until the printer gets connected to the connection. Once the printer gets connected then try to take printouts. If you have a wired printer then check the USB cable. If the cable is loose or faulty then replace it immediately. Connect a high-speed working USB for connecting PC and printer. If your printer is still showing the same error then contact Canon support code 5b00 for troubleshooting the error.

Check the ink cartridge

The error can appear on the printer when your ink cartridge gets empty. When you see the errors on the printer, check the ink level. If the ink level is low then replace the cartridge. If you want to take good quality printouts then purchase the original cartridge for printing. Original cartridges may cost a lot. You can also go for the third-party cartridges but it will provide full poor print quality and may damage the printer. You can also go for the cartridge refill. Purchase good quality ink for your printer. Open the ink drum and refill the cartridge. Make sure to wear a mouse to prevent carbon content from entering your body. Close the lid of the drum and shake it well. Now insert the cartridge on your printer and load it carefully. Open the device and give a test print command.

Run a malware scan

Some viruses can also interrupt printing services. When you see the error message then scan your device with anti-malware. Open Windows Defender and scan your device. If you have a personal antivirus then click on its icon. The dashboard will appear on your screen. Search and click on the System scan option. Your antivirus will start scanning all the files on your device. The scanning process may take a bit more time. Once the malware scan completes, restart your computer. Open your PC starts, try to take a printout.

Inspect the printhead and fuser

Canon error b200 can occur when the printhead or fuser get damaged. If these tools get damaged then you need to replace them immediately. But if the error is appearing due to a clogged printhead then you must clean the printhead. You can clean the printhead of Canon printer by following the mentioned steps:

  1. Turn on your printer

  2. Go to the menu and open the properties dialog box

  3. Dropdown to Maintenance option

  4. Tap the Deep Cleaning and select the ink group

  5. Click on Execute option

  6. A confirmation window will appear

Hit the OK button. The power lamp will start flashing. Wait until the printhead gets cleaned completely. Once complete, check whether the Canon printer error gets resolved or not.