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The HP printer is the perfect printer available in today's market, used by millions of consumers around the world. But sometimes users encounter difficulties while printing or using. If you also have a filler problem, follow the instructions to fix your hp printer not printing Windows 10.

Please follow the steps below to fix your hp printer that is not printing Windows 10. We have done our best to help. If you have neglected to fix the problem with your hp printer, call hp printer help

Measure 1
Make sure the HP printer cables are properly connected. Check the connection status between the printer and computer. If you are using a network link, make sure all details (IP address and ports) match the printer configuration. Complete the power cycle of the entire installation (PC and printer) until you continue. A configuration error may occur that may cause unknown problems. Invert all the modules and remove the power cord from the device and let them sit for 10 minutes before plugging it back in.

Method 2 Also check that the printer cartridges are empty. If the ink cartridges have enough ink, reinstall the capsules and printheads. When an ink cartridge is empty, replace it with a new one.

Method 3
Make sure the HP printer software is properly installed. If the device does not respond when you try to publish, or the printer apps do not initialize, reinstall and uninstall the HP printer apps.

Method 4 Open the firewall preferences and include the printer application executable (* .exe) to be excluded, or disable the firewall temporarily to see if this fixes the error.

Method 5
Check the printer's print settings and make sure the margins are set to the minimum margins supported by the HP printer. In addition, make sure you choose the correct printer settings for the document size and type of document you are trying to publish.

Method 6
Sterile and align with printer cartridges. Open the program for your HP printer or the HP Option Center to obtain these maintenance features. my printer shows offline

Double-click the HP printer icon in the system tray at the base of that display, if it appears. See "Status" in the print queue for error messages. If necessary, right-click on inputs and select "Cancel".
Go to devices and printers as before, right-click the printer and click View what's printing.
On the window that opens, click Printer and click Cancel all files.
You need to check that you are able to print perfectly.

Option 3: Restore factory settings
In case the above methods do not work for you, you need to take a look at restoring the printer to factory settings. As soon as we restore factory settings, all current settings, profiles and flavors will be automatically deleted. The network links will be reset, so you will have to manually connect them to your computer later. This will fix the problem of hp printer not printing in Windows 10.

The factory reset procedure may differ from product to product. We'll cover both of the most common methods here.
Turn off the printer and take the power cord.

turn the printer over by pressing and holding the restart button for 10-20 minutes. Once enabled, run the restart button.
The focus and preparation lights will turn on before the printer is reset to factory settings.
If this doesn't match your printer, it usually means your printer has a different reset mechanism. Try this one under the tricks:

Turn off the printer and take the power cord.
turn on the printer with the power button, then take your hands to the touchscreen. Now wait until the first part of the initialization bar looks like then press and wait.
The main problem faced by HP printer users is that the printheads are clogged with dry ink.
Remove the print head. Do not push it out, as this may damage the parts inside.
When the bridge comes off, turn on the tap and wait for warm water. While warm water is running, clean the printheads. This will remove all clogged ink from the capsules. Visit here for more: hp printer offline