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How To Completely Remove AVG Antivirus?

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AVG Antivirus by AVG Technologies, is a very good antivirus program. However, there are times when you might want to uninstall. You can choose to repair AVG by uninstalling it completely and then reinstalling AVG again or when you want to try another antivirus package.

Whatever the basis for uninstalling AVG, you will find below both the normal process and the manual procedure to do so:

Normal Uninstall

The first thing you should try, Follow these directions to carry out the task:

1. Click On the Start Button, select Control Panel.

2. Open

3. Find AVG in the Programs list and emphasize it.

4. Click On Eliminate or right-click and choose Uninstall and follow the wizard to uninstall AVG.

5. AVG Will provide three options to pick from. Choose Uninstall to continue.

6. Now, The wizard will ask you in the event that you want to keep AVG Security Toolbar and LinkScanner or not. If you deselect the option, the wizard will ask if you want to keep your search settings which were altered by AVG. Deselect it also to eliminate every trace of AVG.

7. The The wizard will now ask if you want to remove user preferences and Virus Vault contents. Select both the options and click on Next.

8. AVG Uninstall utility will now take some time to remove everything out of your computer. After the method completes, the wizard will ask you to restart your machine. You must now restart to finish the procedure for eliminating AVG.

Manual Uninstall (Complete elimination of AVG)
AVG offers an uninstall utility called AVG Remover which is specially made To eliminate AVG completely from the computer system. AVG Remover deletes everything associated with your AVG installation, including registry products, installation files, user files, etc..

If the preceding procedure to normally remove AVG has neglected Repeatedly, AVG Remover is your last option to be used. In the list, download the ideal AVG Remover variant to your desktop computer. Download the 32-bit if you have installed AVG Antivirus 32-bit or download the 64-bit if you have AVG Antivirus 64-bit installed.

Open the command prompt from the Start Menu. Windows 7 or Vista users should run a Command Prompt in elevated command prompt.

Browse to the location where you've downloaded AVG Remover with

Now, kind avg_remover and Press Tab key to complete the filename. Press Enter. You will receive a warning message.

Click Yes to continue Eliminating AVG from your computer. It might require one or more restarts throughout the cleaning process.

Once the manual uninstall procedure has completed, restart your computer. You can then go on and install a different antivirus or set up AVG again.

Notice: If you are still facing difficulty, please upload your avgremover.log file for your Dropbox accounts or some other cloud storage support (if you've one). You'll find the log file in precisely the same directory where from you ran AVG Remover. You can also ask a query about avg subscriptions . We'll then be able to give you a hand.