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How does the PC virus work?

Surfing the Internet with online gambling and email. Most do them. Everyone has heard the expression "computer virus" but does not necessarily know what it means.

A computer virus is a file that only waits for replication in used applications. Malicious programs are all kinds of viruses that can infect your computer and the Internet.

All these infections can spread online. With one click of a button, you get an identity theft disease that can ruin your computer, damaged files, and wreak havoc.

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What is the definition of a virus?

What is a computer virus and how can this function work? You must realize that there are many types. Each of them can be distributed in many different ways.

Viruses can do a lot of damage, although they are part of the application. These ailments merge into real programs. The virus may join. Each time the application is started, the virus is launched. I prefer McAfee Antivirus Download And Remove virus from your computer. Enter mcafee activate product key and Use it.

The disease can replicate each time the application is carried out, attaching itself to each record. In the event that this record is sent by you and opens, flourish that he also acquired the virus.


This kind of virus goal is to get information. This can come from an attachment, such as videos or photos sent by friends who have seen hundreds of computers.

This program records and will track all computer activities. Remember that many "free" downloads include spyware.


Trojans are a little different. These diseases seem to be something but include. The Trojan can be hidden in the match as an instance when the match is open. The ideal way would be to use anti-virus software to scan each file before opening it.


Worms take advantage of security issues. He travels using computer networks. Until he discovers that you are very similar to the one he violated, he scans from one machine to another. It is still distracted and then intends to duplicate from there.

Malicious software

The expression 'malware' consists of these words, malicious and applications. This is software developed to cause damage. Malware infiltrates a computer system without the owner's knowledge.

Prevent computer viruses

Computer viruses cannot be prevented. In fact, it's free and simple. Free antivirus applications include McAfee, Norton, Spybot Search and Destroy and several others. Choosing the right one to protect your computer is as simple as understanding what you do every day. Most scanners and people would be wise to use Avast for security Once a month using McAfee and Norton.

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