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How do I restore files from Norton Online Backup?

Norton Online Backup can be considered as an enhanced safe for important files. Norton Online Backup has been developed.

Norton Online Backup can be invented by you because of a reinforced safe. Symantec develops.

Norton Online Backup and uses encryption to help users protect their information. You never have to worry about losing photos or documents due to hard drive failure or file corruption, because the program is designed to store your information online. Then you are already registered to use Norton Online Backup In case you have a Norton account and you can use your Norton login information to access the application. If you have difficulty logging in to Norton Online Backup, you can always call your Norton phone number and then request additional technical support. After logging in, you can go to this guide to get general Norton Online Backup overview files and save them.

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Means for restoring files from Norton Online Backup

Norton Online Backup allows you to restore and access files on the Internet. They have been accidentally damaged or lost. You can do the following to restore files using Norton Online Backup:

Step 1: Open your browser and then go to the Norton Online Backup page

Step 2: Enter your registered Norton email address and password to register.

Step 3: Click "Document Actions" next to the backup set.

Step 4: Select "Restore documents" and proceed to the next step.

Step 5: Use the list and select the computer where you want to restore the files.

Step 6: The default setting will use the "Recovered Documents" folder in the background

Step 7: You can choose to restore the files to their original page.

Step 8: You also have the option of overwriting existing files on your camera

Step 9: Visit the Restore Files segment and select the files you want to restore, and as soon as you finalize the restore options, you can simply click "Restore Documents".

Norton lets you restore document settings or use the search box to restore a file backup set. If you have trouble completing the above actions, or if you can't track the files, you can call your Norton service number and ask for further assistance. A group of Norton Software technicians will be able and will be available 24 hours a day every day when you can use the device online. Provide instructions to recover information.