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Guide to free anti-virus software on the Internet

There is no requirement to really describe in detail why a computer is needed to protect against viruses. Fortunately, you can download absolutely free and effective anti-virus software online. Many of them are listed below.

Norton security scan

This anti-virus software has attributes that can be occupied or new computer users. The first is that it is fairly simple to use. There is only one button. Clicking this button will start the virus scanning procedure so that any threats found on your computer will be removed by the application.

Users do not have to worry about configuration settings. Another advantage of this program is that it can perform updates. You can set another program if you prefer and there will be no problems.

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AVG Antivirus

For those users who want to have control over free antivirus software, AVG Antivirus Free Edition will be perfect. In addition to scanning for viruses, the application has a Boot Disk, which in case you could not boot from a disk that you can use to create important configuration files, the Rescue Disk will be able to perform this function.

Additionally, this free antivirus software provides a schedule and a scanner to detect viruses in email attachments. The website frequently updates the virus record and may quarantine the file containing the virus (you can do this in case you want to delete the virus instead of deleting it). This program can run on versions of Windows 95 to XP.

Avira Antivir Personal

Avira Antivir Personal is an effective and fast anti-virus software running on Unix and Windows systems. The program may also be known as other software. In addition to the ability to remove phishing, rootkits, Trojans and malicious applications.

Avast! Antivirus Home Edition

Avast! Antivirus Home Edition contains attributes, it is also a version of Avast anti-virus applications. To make sure new 22 viruses are detected, the program updates the antivirus program and applications.

The program may remove spyware and other programs that may affect your software. They can be used without causing a system failure. The application receives a network shield that disrupts documents against viruses and any viruses that can infect your computer. You can change the look using your own skin selectors.

This antivirus software can run on Windows operating systems, from Windows 2000 to Vista and XP. For those who have older programs, the program is compatible with NT Windows ME, 98 and 95.

Protecting documents and information from hackers is essential, and with a multitude of anti-virus applications that are free on the Internet, you can find the ones you need while browsing and at no price.