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Get best solution Recover Microsoft Outlook after a Crash

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The report intends to help you recover your Microsoft Outlook data following your hard disk has crashed. The methods explained in the post are easy and dependable. It is still recommended that consumers follow the instructions carefully to successfully restore Outlook data and without confronting common Microsoft Outlook problems.

Have you lost significant emails and other Outlook data after a system crash? Do you want help regaining that lost Outlook data but don't understand how? Do not worry as we have attracted a comprehensive guide which will help you recover your lost Outlook data with Outlook support phone number technical help. It's advisable that users must backup their data to a external hard disk, flash drive etc. before they format their crashed hard disk or system.


Download and run an automated Outlook retrieval tool from a trusted web site. You select from a vast selection of available tools including Disk Internals Mail Recovery, Outlook Repair (from e-mail-recovery. Com), FILE RECOVERY 3.2, Kernel Date Recovery Software, Quick Recovery for MS Outlook, and Retrieval for Outlook among others. You can go for a free or paid version as per your convenience. As soon as you have zeroed on a specific program, go to its site, and get the latest version. Save the document into a location like Desktop in which it's easily reachable from. When completed, open the file and run. Follow the wizard's instructions and commence the process. Once you've recovered the Outlook data, go right ahead and reformat your computer or hard drive.

Here we assume you have already backed up all your data. Once you have reformatted your own system or hard drive, then start Outlook and create a new profile. Since you have been using Outlook, we assume that you learn how to create a new profile account from Microsoft Outlook. As soon as you've made a new profile, then join to the Microsoft Exchange Server, and all your Outlook data such as emails, calendar, and contacts will begin downloading to your own email account.

Additional Tips:

You can also download and set up Email Undelete. This automatic tool provides you 3 options which include Recover email following a disk crash, Repair email database, and Address Book Recovery. If you just wish to recover emails, then choose the first alternative. If you just want your email to be repaired, use instant alternative. Otherwise, choose the third alternative.

It's advised to back up your data (all the date instead of just Outlook) on a regular basis to avoid facing problems like that. Technical life of a PC or the related devices is more prone to glitches like these. Consequently, practice safe computing.