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Fix to Malwarebytes not Opening on Windows

Malwarebytes is an excellent antivirus scanner using a database and it's become popular in which malware scanners neglect to discover viruses. There are a few issues concerning the tool. Without displaying an error message users have reported that Malwarebytes fails to start on Windows.

Users' expertise has pointed out many procedures that create Malwarebytes run correctly and could solve this issue. Check them out below and be sure that you follow the directions carefully to be able to solve the issue.

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What Makes Malwarebytes Not Opening Problem on Windows?

There are many reasons for Malwarebytes may fail to start on your PC. The reasons vary from severe and it is important to act quickly. Check out and ascertain

Malware disease -- If your pc was infected by malware, then it is possible the virus gets blocked the mbam.exe executable from operating in any way. Renaming it may help solve the issue.

Corrupted user accounts -- With a corrupt or faulty user account in your Windows OS is very dangerous and it may keep you from utilizing many distinct programs, such as Malwarebytes. Think about changing to a user profile that is different!

Solution 1: Potential Infections

Malicious files keep you from running different tools. It follows that you are infected, you are unable since the name of its executable is obstructed by malware to start Malwarebytes. This may be circumvented by assessing the executable.

  1. Find the program's installation folder by right-clicking its own shortcut on Desktop or anyplace else and picking Open file place alternative from the menu.
  2. Find mbam. Exe file from the Malwarebytes' setup folder, right-click onto it and decide on the Rename choice from the context menu.
  3. Ensure that you opt for a name that corresponds to a number of the heart Windows procedures like exe or explorer.exe so as to ensure that the file name is not obstructed from the virus.
  4. Attempt running Malwarebytes to find out whether it opens. Pick the Scan alternative available on the home screen of this tool.
  5. Malwarebytes will likely start its upgrading procedure so as to update its virus database and then it will proceed with the scan. Please be patient before the procedure finishes which may have a little while. If malware is found in your computer, affirm to get it deleted or quarantined.
  6. Restart your pc following the scanning procedure is finished and check to find out in the event that you still encounter malware issues in your own PC!

Solution 2: Perform a Clean Install of Malwarebytes

Lots of customers have stated that's something which you ought to attempt as also the method that was most economical and the most protected and that their difficulty was mended by Malwarebytes from scratch permanently. In the event that you bought the Premium Edition of this tool, you'll want to discover a means to recover Crucial and your Activation ID.

  1. Sort"Regedit" from the Search pub that you ought to be able to get after clicking the Start menu or the Lookup button near it. You might even utilize the Windows Key + R key combination that ought to start the Run dialog box at which you can type"Regedit" and click on OK.
  2. Utilize one of the places from the registry presented below to recover your ID and Crucial, Depending upon Your PC's structure:
  3. Open MBAM >> My Account and Click Deactivate. Navigate to Settings >> Advanced Settings and uncheck the box beside the"Empower self-protection module" alternative.
  4. Close to MBAM and get the"mbam-clean.exe" tool out of Malwarebytes' website (the download begins immediately as you click on the button). Close all programs and disable.
  5. Run the mbam-clean.exe instrument and follow the directions that will appear on the monitor. When prompted to do so, reboot your computer.
  6. Download the Most Recent version of MBAM on their website and install it by following the instructions on the screen.
  7. Uncheck the box near your Trial Following the program starts, click on the button that says Activation. Skip the step and it will not hurt to get the trial version In case you used a trial!
  8. Copy and paste the ID and Crucial you recovered from the registry at the dialog box that ought to automatically activate your permit.
  9. Enjoy with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium and the mistake seeing Real-Time Protection will evaporate.

Just follow the steps 3-6 if you aren't utilizing MBAM'S Professional or Premium version and relish your version without any mistakes of MBAM.

Solution 3: Use a Different User Account


Due to user accounts, you use to login to Windows, this issue seems. While using different apps this issue can manifest itself in ways that are various and just and it is always preferable to just make a user accounts continue with everything. Your user accounts are often tied.


  1. Utilize the Windows Key + R key combination so as to bring up the Run dialog box. Type in"cmd" from the dialogue box that appears and utilizes the Ctrl + Shift + Enters key combination for the admin Command Prompt.
  2. Type from the command below to be able to browse into the User Accounts Be Sure You click Input then:
  3. Click on the Insert button and then follow the instructions that will look onscreen. Ensure that you make a non-Microsoft account by picking the Sign in with no Microsoft accounts (not recommended) alternative from the base of the window.
  4. Click Next and confirm your choice by clicking on Local account Within another window. After that, fill out details like password and name and also browse through.
  5. After you have created the account, return into the Command Prompt window and use the following command to log from your present account:
  6. Log in to the account you've just established and Malwarebytes should start with no problems!