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Easy way to Uninstall Norton Antivirus Completely

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To uninstall Norton software successfully, you need to concern about two things: Making sure it's completely closed; And Cleaning up all of its registry keys. Lots of Norton users understand certainly that none of these two things may be accomplished easily, as Norton supplies with such a powerful protection in a way that it embeds almost every part of its services in your system, monitoring each operation and maintaining every hazard away, consequently making users hard to disable Norton in its entirety or find every registry key. But I think the very best way to fully uninstall Norton should be getting into Safe Mode, where you've a assurance that neither Norton's services nor additional apps that may have documents associated with Norton is going to be loaded.

The second thing you need to do would be to delete all of Norton documents and clean up its own registry keys. Normally the significant files and relative registry entries can be removed by the Control Panel -> Add/Remove apps, assuming that you do it in Safe Mode. But this doesn't necessary result in a complete uninstall, you may still get Norton Customer Service popping-up and, any efforts to re-install Norton or install other security applications could possibly be denied. In Cases like This, try to discover whether the following directories still exist within your system:

C:\Program Files\Shared Documents \Symantec Shared

These records are where all of the leftovers of Norton are found and if you don't delete them as well as their comparative registry entries, you are not likely to successfully uninstall Norton.