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Easy Way to Remove or Uninstall AVG Antivirus

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AVG Available on the internet and AVG is one of the very best of these. Though excellent as AVG free is, there could be times that you want to uninstall it from reasons like you would like to try another anti-virus program or you discovered it would slow down your PC functionality. If you're trying to find effective ways to uninstall AVG free, then you've been to the right place.

Here offer two commonly used manual methods to remove AVG free:

1. Uninstall it in Control Panel. Call out Task supervisor by Pressing Alt+Ctrl+Del at precisely the exact same moment, end avgtray.exe from the progress list.

That there might be remains left in your PC and gradually it would slow down your PC. You could still found a remnant in C: Program Files, the location where you installed it in, or system registry. And if you attempt to delete all those related files, be cautious, and because a delete of registry files may lead to registry error or worse to drop your PC.

2. Uninstall it with AVG Removal Tool. Search and download this particular tool at the official website, install it on your own computer and then run it since the instruction, which means that you can remove it effectively.

By using this tool to remove AVG free, you might be annoyed As it might ask you to restart the computer as many times as it demands. Besides, all AVG-relevant information will be deleted forever you should pay note about certain windows documents and your user details. This method is recommended only if you're not satisfied with the result of method 1.

However, there’s a much wiser method to be selected: Uninstall it using the third party remover if any need call Phone number for AVG Antivirus get the best solution. Smart remover such as Final Uninstaller not merely helps you to remove AVG free thoroughly but also keeps you away from malware and spyware, thus it secures your own PC and improves that your PC performance.